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Automation Machinery

Besides manufacturing precision parts, we also perform jigs, fixtures, equipment and machines designing and building. A series of thorough engineering processes are implemented to engineer and develop tools and equipments.

Please refer to below for our recent projects’ experience:

Tube End Forming Machine

The machine is engineered and customized according to customer requirements and specifications. It performs inward end forming for both condenser or evaporator tube ends before the starting of the condenser assembling process.

This process will allow an easy insertion of condenser or evaporator tubes during the assembly process. The forming practice is driven by a hydraulic power pack which is able to form a max thickness of 0.6mm aluminum tube wall and 5mm of the tube. It is engineered to cater for all models and capable to process 5pcs per minutes.

PF Condenser Assembly Machine

The machine is engineered to assemble condenser tubes into both header by utilizing hydraulic press. It is designed to assemble PF condenser height from 300 to 600mm and length from 300 to 800mm. The machine is able to assemble 20~25 units per hour by loading pre-assembled condenser.

Aluminum Radiator Assembly Machine

The machine is engineered and customized to assemble aluminum tubes into both header and then performing end flanging process at both ends of the tube. A hydraulic power pack is integrated into the machine to perform tubes inserting and tube ends flanging.

This machine is designed to handle radiator size with max height of 700mm and max length of 800mm for the tubes thickness of 16, 24 and 30mm. 10 to 15 radiators’ assembly can be produced per hours by loading in pre-assembled radiator.

Serpentine Tube Bending Machine

These machines are developed and customized for aluminum tubes bending in different radius and length as per required by customer. A servo systems is integrated into those machines to allow user to change the tube bending angle and length automatically to form a serpentine shape for better cooling requirement.

The machines are able to handle all models and can perform a bend within 12 seconds.

Compressor Pulley Assembly Machine

The machine is designed and customized to perform pulley and bearing insertion for compressor. Pulley and bearing are loaded on an auto-switching fixture which will firstly perform a bearing insertion and than followed by a pulley insertion on compressor shaft.

In order to gain sufficient insertion force and consistent insertion speed, a hydro-pneumatic system is incorporated to perform the task. This machine is able to produce 3 units per minutes.

Car Seat Mould Carrier

This equipment is designed and built to ease the car seat moulding process. There are two auto-lifting mechanisms to open and close the upper mould in car seat moulding process.

User can switch to the single lifting mode for small seat and double lifting mode for large seat. For single lifting mode, it is able to handle mould size up to 800x800mm and 800x1900mm for double lifting mode. Therefore, the equipment is customized for passenger car front and back seat moulding.